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InterLabService Advanced Technology for Molecular Diagnostics


InterLabService is one of the most experienced molecular diagnostics supplier. ILS supplies high-quality and professional solutions for infectious diseases diagnostics. ILS is an exclusive distributor for AmpliSense real time PCR diagnostic kits and supplies its products to customers in Russia and worldwide. Our portfolio includes over 150 different real time PCR diagnostic kits and each product is supported by professional staff as well as by trained service engineers.

Our distributors are not just well known on MDx market, but they are also available to assist you at any time. Find an ILS distributor near you.Find an ILS distributor near you.


Our scientific group which specializes on STI studies has recently published tree articles on Florocenosis disorder syndromes.

Tuberculosis (TB) caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is the deadliest infectious disease more often appears in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia and the associated global threat has worsened with the emergence of drug resistance, in particular multidrug resistant TB (MDR-TB).

It is known that the incidence of respiratory tract infections such as cold and influenza show seasonal fluctuations and the peaks of respiratory illness occur in winter months. Around 33% of the seasonal increase in mortality is associated with infectious respiratory disease, and there is evidence that some of the seasonal growth in mortality associated with cardiovascular disease may be related to respiratory infection. This winter seasonality in deaths and illnesses has been shown for over 200 respiratory pathogens. There is a distribution of infectious pathogens among different age groups in Russia.

New kits Amplisens MAGNO-sorb-URO, Amplisens DNA-sorb-D, Amplisens Corynebacterium diphtheriae / tox-genes-FRT, Amplisens Rickettsia conorii-FRT, Amplisens Borrelia miyamotoi-FRT, AmpliSens Yellow fever virus-FRT and Amplisens FiloA-screen-FRT are available now in InterLabService company.

New kits Amplisens ESBL CTX-M-FL, Amplisens HLA-B27-FL, Amplisens F2/F5-SNP-FL, Amplisens MTHFR-SNP-FL, Amplisens MTC-MDR-FL and Amplisens AII-bacto-screen-FL will be available soon in InterLabService company.