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20/13, b.2,
Sadovnicheskaya str.
Moscow, Russia, 115035

Phone: +7 (495) 664 2884
Fax: +7 (495) 664 2889
+7 (495) 664 28 84
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About InterLabService

InterLabService Ltd. was created in 2002 as a privately held company. For now it is a constantly expanding Company, adding product lines to its portfolio and broadening the activity worldwide. InterLabService has the Subsidiaries in St.Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg and representative office in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

Number of employees grown from 10 in 2002 to 180 in 2009, Up to 2008 the main market focused in Russia and CIS. Since 2009 we have organized the department of foreign sales with the aim of intensifying business activity outside Russia.

Our partners in Russia


Company provides

  • Regular supply of diagnostic kits, reagents, instruments and laboratory plastics for molecular diagnostics and research market.
  • Competent information support for the customers regarding the technical and consumable features of the products. The release of newly developed products.
  • Efficient technical support with the instrument installation and engineering service.  

Company Philosophy

ILS is selling and marketing reagents and tools for diagnostics and research. We are the leader supplier for the Russian MDx market. InterLabService provides the highest possible service quality, develops and maintains personal relationship with the customers and suppliers.

We conduct our business in a conscientious, ethical and legal manner. 

Main Activity

  • Distribution of reagents, instruments and laboratory disposals for Diagnostics & Life Science.
  • Marketing and promotion of the products from Company portfolio.
  • Customer training and support.
  • Technical & engineering service.

The principal product distributed by InterLabService is PCR kits of AmpliSens® series that are developed and manufactured by Russian Central Institute of Epidemiology (Moscow, Russia).

AmpliSens PCR kits

  • 500 PCR kits for pathogen diagnostics, genetic diseases, GMO.
  • Products complies with EU directives 93/42/ЕЕС and 98/79/ЕС for medical products and IVD (CE marked).
  • PCR assays with electrophoresis, fluorescent real-time and end-point product detection.
  • All products are clinically validated.


R&D and manufacture
R&D department is based in the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology and includes 10 research groups and occupied more than 60 researchers.
Manufacture of PCR kits is certified according DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 and employed up to 200 specialists.

Sales, distribution & technical support

  • 32 Sales Representatives in 15 cities
  • more than 35 people are involved in the office sales support
  • technical & engineering support ensured by 6 engineers

Storage & transportation

Warehouse total area of 900 m2, including 100 m2 of coolers for reagent storage.
All types of transportation and delivery with the cooling conditions maintenance.

Education & training

  • 5 operating training centers in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kiev, Ekaterinburg and Omsk
  • 1 training center in Almaty (Kazakhstan) is starting from 2010

Our Customers

More than 1500 customers. End users and Distributors in all regions of Russia and CIS. International distributors in 15 countries.

End users for our products are hospitals, private medical centers and laboratories, university clinics, hygiene and epidemiology centers, vet clinics and food quality control labs.

Trends for further Development

Entry into the Russian market of immunodiagnostics, forensic studies, Life Science and toxicology laboratory diagnostics.

Further expansion of the company’s activity in the Russian regions and worldwide.