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Moscow, Russia, 115035

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New type of Amplisens kits - AmpliSens HBV-Monitor-L PCR kit PCR kit (lyophilized) , AmpliSens HCV-Monitor-L PCR (lyophilized), AmpliSens HCV-genotype-FRT PCR ki, AmpliSens HBV-genotype-FRT PCR kit are CE IVD certified now.


New type of Amplisens kits - AmpliSens BRCA1-FRTPCR kit , AmpliSens F2/F5-SNP-FRT PCR kitAmpliSens MDR MCR-1-FRT , AmpliSens MDR MCR-1-FRT, AmpliSens Giardia lamblia -FRT - are available now.


New type of Amplisens kits - AmpliSens Enterovirus / Parechovirus-FRT PCR kit, AmpliSensHHV8-screen/monitor-FRT PCR kit, AmpliSens Plasmodium spp. / P.falciparum / P.vivax-FRT , AmpliSens Ascaridosis-FRT PCR kit - are available now.

On March 18, InterLabService is celebrating its 20th anniversary!
From company InterLabService with best wishes
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!
Dear colleagues and partners!

Please accept our  sincere congratulations and warm wishes for the upcoming Christmas and New Year!
Together we have achieved a lot, but much remains to be done.
May every coming day of 2020 be filled with success, and the next year will make it possible to carry out the most ambitious plans.
We wish you good health, happiness and family harmony!
Sincerely, InterLabService
Our scientific group which specializes on STI studies has recently published tree articles on Florocenosis disorder syndromes.

Tuberculosis (TB) caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis

It is known that the incidence of respiratory tract infections such as cold and influenza show seasonal fluctuations and the peaks of respiratory illness occur in winter months. Around 33% of the seasonal increase in mortality is associated with infectious respiratory disease, and there is evidence that some of the seasonal growth in mortality associated with cardiovascular disease may be related to respiratory infection. This winter seasonality in deaths and illnesses has been shown for over 200 respiratory pathogens. There is a distribution of infectious pathogens among different age groups in Russia.

New kits Amplisens MAGNO-sorb-URO, Amplisens DNA-sorb-D, Amplisens Corynebacterium diphtheriae / tox-genes-FRT, Amplisens Rickettsia conorii-FRT, Amplisens Borrelia miyamotoi-FRT, AmpliSens Yellow fever virus-FRT and Amplisens FiloA-screen-FRT are available now in InterLabService company.

New kits Amplisens ESBL CTX-M-FL, Amplisens HLA-B27-FL, Amplisens F2/F5-SNP-FL, Amplisens MTHFR-SNP-FL, Amplisens MTC-MDR-FL and Amplisens AII-bacto-screen-FL will be available soon in InterLabService company.
The company "InterLabService" represents a metering automatic station Microlab STARlet manufactured by the Swiss company Hamilton, on the basis of which solutions for automation of the main stages of PCR diagnostics are offered, depending on the user's tasks: sample pooling, nucleic acid extraction, preparation of PCR mixture.
The company "InterLabService" represents a set of reagents for the determination of RNA of the yellow fever virus produced by the "FBUN CRI Epidemiology".
InterLabService Company has concluded a distribution agreement with the American company Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in the field of molecular genetic solutions for criminology and forensic genetics.
New kits mplisens JCV-BKV -screen-monitor-FRT and mplisens HHV7-screen-monitor-FRT are available now in InterLabService company.
Dear friends and colleagues! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let this year brings joy, pleasant impressions,and optimism, while beloved work gives you satisfaction,new knowledge and accomplishments! We wish your dreams will come true in 2018! Sincerely yours, InterLabService
On July 28 , according to the World Health Organization is World Hepatitis Day, to raise awareness and knowledge about the problem of viral hepatitis. This work has been carried out since 2008 as part of a global strategy for the elimination of viral hepatitis as a public health problem.
"Molecular Diagnosis 2017" All-Russian Scientific and International Practical Conference was held  on 1 -20 April 2017 in Moscow.
In March the company InterLabService celebrated its 15th  anniversary
Dear colleagues, partners and friends, On March 18th, the company "InterLabService" celebrated its 15th Birthday!